Short Fiction Review

Jul 1, 03:42 by IROSF
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Jul 1, 21:54 by Amy Sisson
I really enjoy the short fiction reviews, and am leisurely working my way through this issue's reviews.

I have a couple of questions about the formatting of the short reviews column. First, I assume that when "Recommended" appears, it refers to the story just reviewed, not to the following story. I was thrown, however, because it therefore would appear that Geoff Ryman's introduction to the "Mundane SF" issue of Interzone is recommended.

Also, I would note that it's very easy to lose sight of what magazine in which a particular story appeared. I found myself scrolling up and down, up and down, until I got to a picture of a magazine cover. I note that the little blue-ish bars that indicate a different magazine are not much different than the little blue-ish bars that indicate a different story within a magazine.

I'm not sure what the answer is, but I just thought I'd mention this since perhaps there's a painless soluation of some kind.

Thanks for the reviews!
Jul 1, 21:57 by Bluejack
We can look at the formatting on that, Amy. I'm sure we can do something. Good suggestion.

With regard to the "Recommended" -- I took it as Lois recommending the entire issue, in that instance, rather than a particular story or introduction. However, if we misunderstood Lois' intent, I'm sure she'll let us know, and we can make that clearer. The nice thing about web publishing is it's never too late to fix a goof.
Jul 1, 23:18 by Lois Tilton
Yes, I was recommending the entire issue. I've never done this before, but I wanted to bring this issue to the attention of readers who might be interested in this "Mundane SF" thing. That's also why I commented at such length on the issue as a whole, including Ryman's introduction.
Jul 2, 02:44 by Ted Kosmatka
Lois, thanks for kind words on "Divining Light". You wondered in your review if anyone has performed such an experiment in real life. As far as I know, nobody has. I'm kind of hoping that somebody tries it now. Heck, I'd try it if I could get the equipment. Chances are good that the results would disprove my whole story, but it would be worth it to know the answer. Great site you have here by the way. Thanks again.


Jul 2, 13:39 by Eugie Foster
Lois, I was absolutely delighted that you enjoyed "A Thread of Silk." Thanks for the kind words and your excellent reviews.

Jul 4, 12:55 by Anthony Trifiletti
Thanks Lois. Keep up the great work.

Jul 25, 20:23 by Karl Bunker
Many kudos for the Short Fiction Review. I look forward to future installments, and hope you can keep up with the workload!
Jul 26, 00:23 by Lois Tilton
I hope for more good stories to recommend!

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