Shiny New Stuff!

Aug 6, 04:41 by IROSF
Do you have a comment about our new features, the editorial of the magazine in general?

Editorial can be found here.
Aug 6, 19:18 by Bluejack
FYI: I just want to note that we got our first donation. It's one small step on the road to keeping IROSF available, thriving, growing, but it's an important one.

Thank you very much Jean!

Aug 11, 07:00 by Daniel M. Kimmel
I wore the very cool IROSF t-shirt at Denvention, and heard good things about IROSF from some of the pros there. IROSF is getting noticed and I'm proud to be part of it!
Aug 11, 13:30 by Bluejack
Aug 11, 13:33 by Bluejack
And speaking of "shiny new stuff": we now have RSS feeds on all the major updating features of the site -- articles, forum posts, recently received, and news.

Note that the "articles" rss feed doesn't validate yet, so your feed-reader may or may not handle it right, but the violations are minor technical matters, and I tested it in several feed readers that do just fine.

I'll be sending out a note to everyone who has email settings turned on this evening.
Aug 12, 02:33 by Marti McKenna
Hey Daniel, do you have any pictures of you in your IROSF shirt? :)
Aug 12, 10:14 by Daniel M. Kimmel
Alas, no. I tend not to travel with a personal photographer. :)

Pictures were taken at many of my panels, so perhaps one will turn up.

Aug 19, 12:36 by Daniel M. Kimmel

They have turned up. There's numerous Denvention photos at this site.

Here's a link to one of my panels where you can see the shirt.

I don't think they'll be using this in the catalog. :)

Aug 19, 16:07 by Bluejack
Ha! Good to see it there tho! Thanks for the ink Daniel!
Nov 14, 14:24 by
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