Two Dooms

Aug 6, 04:49 by IROSF
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Article is here.
Aug 6, 12:46 by Gordon Van Gelder
Good article.

If I can give myself a plug here, let me note that "Two Dooms" is in print in my anthology ONE LAMP:

It's also in HIS SHARE OF GLORY (NESFA Press) and in HITLER VICTORIOUS. Here's a longer list of places where the story has appeared:

---Gordon V.G.
Aug 6, 14:46 by Nader Elhefnawy
Thanks. Incidentally, it was in ONE LAMP-a pretty handy anthology-that I first encountered it.

Aug 7, 00:56 by Gregory Benford
Good article, though misses some angles, as in:
"a situation in which the Western allies find themselves fighting both Hitler and Stalin at once in 1940."
But that's what actually happened! Few recall that the Germans AND the USSR declared war on Poland in 1939, with the USSR taking Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as their perk, as agreed in the von Rippentrop-Molitov pact of summer 1939. Hitler and Stalin were allies until the invasion of 1941.
I lived 3 years in occupied Japan and 3 more in occupied Germany, speak German and Russian, and read extensively in that history in those languages. That's why I edited HITLER VICTORIOUS, as GvG notes.
The true story of WWII is how the West (mostly the US, beautifully kept out until late 1941) turned the war into Germany vs USSR, the winning strategy, a diplomatic judo worth understanding.
There's still much to be written about that.

Gregory Benford
Aug 7, 13:12 by Nader Elhefnawy
Thank you very much for your feedback.
I certainly didn't mean to imply that the Non-Aggression Pact never existed, or that there weren't politics among the (eventual) Allies like the ones you were talking about, related to the opening of the "second front" and other aspects of the fighting. Just that a scenario in which U.K., French (and other) Allied military forces fought directly against the Soviet armed forces at the very same time that they were fighting against the Germans--which didn't materialize--has generally been neglected.
Nonetheless, I am curious to know more about the diplomatic judo you're describing, given the tendency of much historiography to view the conflict as having been Hitler vs. Stalin from the start, with the Pact a temporary measure of convenience that could never have lasted given Hitler's essential goals.
Aug 7, 19:41 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
Well thought out and interesting article. Goes a long way in describing why World War II allohistory is so prominent.
Nov 12, 22:47 by
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