The Margarets

Sep 2, 05:23 by IROSF
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Sep 3, 13:08 by Matthew Malthouse
Hah! I fear that The Margarets is not alone as Tepper has become increasingly self indulgent over the years. I'd put the line between tolerable and intolerable somewhere around 1996, although your mileage may vary as they used to say.

Another thing that puts me off buying her recent works is the inability to be subtle in her polemics. When the authorial voice becomes so strident (and hectoring) all pleasure flees.
Sep 4, 12:42 by barry burns
There is no such book as The Collected Works Of Tiptree. There is a book called Her Smoke Rose Up Forever. However, the cover of that is by Picacio. As is the cover of The Margarets. Close though.
Sep 4, 15:10 by Dotar Sojat
Sweet Honey Mustard! You're right, Barryburns. Right on both counts. I recall that I had loaned the book out and jumped online to find the artist's name and never looked back.

Let me make it up to Picacio by pointing out that his remarkable work at his remarkable website

Sep 4, 19:44 by Stacey Janssen
We've got it all straightened out now. Credit where it's due and what have you.

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