August Short Fiction

Sep 2, 05:33 by IROSF
Post your thoughts about the reviews or the fiction itself.

The review can be found here.
Sep 2, 16:53 by Nancy Beck
Just wanted to alert you that the story in Fantasy Magazine, The Things in the Box, doesn't have a byline.

As always, very interesting reviews. Thanks for doing them. :-)

Sep 2, 17:56 by Lois Tilton
ooops - it should be Ursula Pflug
Sep 2, 18:36 by Bluejack
Fixed :) Tx!
Sep 2, 19:57 by Sam Hamm
Speaking of lazy editors: what you're describing is a "stable" of writers, not a "staple" of writers.
Sep 3, 01:31 by Marti McKenna
Ah, yes, we're all very lazy around here.
Sep 3, 15:49 by Eric Marin
*waves a lazy hello*
Sep 4, 15:55 by Bridget McKenna
Wait a minute, you guys put out a monthly magazine full of essays, features, editorials and reviews, mostly using volunteer labor from people with families and day-jobs, and you allow ERRORS?

That's it. Cancel my sub. I'm through with you. I'm so OVER this lazy-ass mag.



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