Finding God in Science

Oct 7, 05:29 by IROSF
Thoughts and opinions on the ideas presented should go here.

Article can be found here.
Oct 7, 18:45 by Athena Andreadis
Intelligent design is not a theory (as defined in science) and is not believed by any scientist worthy of the name, religious or not. It is an attempt to dress creationism up as science.

Prayer is not a quantum phenomenon. No higher executive function can possibly be quantum since they all operate on the "macro" scale.

Last but not least, moral behavior has nothing to do with religiosity. And if prayers could alter reality, most of us would be dead -- and in gruesome ways, as fundamentalists of most stripes would wish.
Oct 8, 01:10 by Josh English
It is a risk to say that Rollins combines Intelligent Design and Evolution. What Co describes in his essay is not the Middle Ground (Evolution designed and kick-started by God) but Noetics. Prayers as focused thoughts affecting change in the universe is Noetics, and it is by and large bogus.
Oct 8, 06:48 by Charles Edric Co
Thank you for the feedback. I'll look into these more deeply.
Oct 10, 03:52 by John Murray
I confess to some confusion here. Is this a book review? Or an article that raises questions as a philosophical exercise? Or a contention to having found the big answers in this work of fiction? Or a statement that the novel has confirmed the answers upon which you had already decided?

The article sounds preachy to me.
Oct 10, 14:34 by Charles Edric Co
More of a book review, but a bit preachy too. Apologies.
Oct 22, 04:48 by Kevin Vaughan
No need for apologies, Co. Your tone was expository and reflective, not preachy. I look forward to more from you in the future.
Oct 22, 23:48 by Charles Edric Co
Thank you for your positive feedback. Now that you've said it. I really think it is actually that. :)
Oct 30, 14:01 by Ami Chopine
I agree, it wasn't preachy. Nice review.

One thing I really want to see more of is science fiction with God in it that ISN'T preachy or derogatory. Religious people with religious beliefs who are both good and bad in futuristic stories, and/or stories in which some aspect of religious belief turns out to be true but in a way that is different than anyone expected.

Oct 31, 14:36 by Charles Edric Co
A positive feedback makes one's day.
Thank you very much.
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