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Oct 7, 05:30 by IROSF
Opinions on this left out genre? Express them here.

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Oct 7, 18:36 by Philip Kaldon
Nice discussion, Nick. But I had to laugh at the image of Tolkien pooping out a trilogy every three years from 1960 to 1990. If there were a dozen Tolkien trilogies, I'd imagine the fervor regarding J.R.R. would be diluted. I know many people who read the one trilogy every year -- I used to, too. But while I wouldn't know the dozen individually as well as I know the one, I see your point that the dozen would crowd out the multitude in today's fantasy shelves.

Ultimately the problem is that bookstores cannot deal with the concept that one work can be labeled as more than one genre. You're either horror or SF or fantasy. Me personally, I guess I like my horror buried in SF -- delighted when I find it. But I probably wouldn't think to look at the horror shelf first.

Dr. Phil
Oct 7, 18:47 by Gwen Curnow
...I really have nothing to add to this other than the image of Tolkien pooping out trilogies is absolutely hilarious. If a little disturbing.
Oct 7, 20:45 by Nick Mamatas
I know many people who read the one trilogy every year -- I used to, too.

Indeed, it is similar in horror. Many people read The Stand annually, but few other books in King's bibliography as are loved. Given the Poop Scenario, we could expect the Big Red Book to be reread frequently and the others to mostly take up space on the shelf and sell very well as backlist titles without sparking a cult phenomenon.
Oct 7, 23:35 by Jim Frenkel
Horror . . . dark fantasy . . . supernatural terror thriller . . .

What's the difference? Marketing labels. YA horror lives, now and again. So does horror in the mainstream and in genre. It's not the halcyon days of the early 1980s (which make the later 80s and the '90s pale), but it's, as Mulder would say, out there. It'll never entirely go away, and I bet it'll come back one of these years. Maybe wwaring a different label . . . gee, what's all this "urban fantasy"?

Oct 28, 02:54 by Christie Skipper Ritchotte
This was a really great article. Life is horror, precioussss.
Jun 26, 12:56 by
Good to know things like that. Thanks


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