Nov 2, 04:53 by Bluejack
Alert visitors may have noticed the introduction of some advertising on the site.

Currently we have a few sample banner ads and we're working on getting google adword ads in as well.

We've been struggling to find a way to make ends meet *prior* to introducing any sort of paid subscription, and this is the next step.

Of course donations are still welcome, but to date we've only had about five actual donations--out of 5000 readers, that's not going to pay our bills. We have a new item in our store: but sales are not going to get us where we need to be either.

So... ads. Check out our advertising page for more info. This is pretty much the last step before going to subscription fees, and the kicker will probably be that a subscription will get you an ad-free site. But you know what? If we can make ends meet entirely through advertising, maybe we'll be able to avoid subscription models entirely, and forever.

Your thoughts are welcome!
Nov 7, 19:54 by Bluejack
No thoughts huh? I find the ads pretty annoying, myself.
Nov 7, 20:01 by Stacey Janssen
The Google ads, you mean?
Nov 7, 23:16 by Marti McKenna
I've mostly learned to ignore them elsewhere, so it comes pretty naturally here. I did find myself clicking on one recently....
Nov 12, 04:05 by Guerry Semones
I'd rather have the ads than no IROSF. :-) You guys are exploring models and I'll stick around through it. Now, where's that Cafe Press link?
Nov 14, 01:30 by Bluejack
Heh, thanks!

The round "visit our store" button on the home page links to our cafe press store.

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