Fast Writing

Nov 4, 07:50 by IROSF
Comment on turning off the inner editor.

Article is here.
Nov 5, 03:41 by BJ Muntain
Bravo! A wonderful article! I've linked to it from my blog, Points on Style

Thank you!
Nov 5, 15:54 by Bluejack
Thanks for the link, BJ! Always appreciated!
Nov 6, 20:35 by David Bartell
Another excellent article. I often write "fast" myself, on first drafts. Someone once said to write the first draft with the heart, and rewrite with the brain.

Here's another suggestion for fast writing that serves a dual purpose. I back up my files often, having lost hours and days of writing due to technical failures long ago. At least once a day, I also save to a second and third medium, then remove one of the copies to a second site (home and work.) To lose work, I'd have to suffer multiple failures. Hey, I'm in IT, so call me anal.

Yes, backing up may break the flow, and I don't stop to back up if I'm on a roll. But a cleansing breath or potty break at the end of a passage is a good time to back up. Now, suppose after I back up the file, I close it. When I resume work on the ms, I start a new file. I do not have the privilege of referring to the previous passage, but I am not tempted to edit it either. This might increase the editing required later, but might also serve to get the first draft done much sooner, while the ideas are fresh and flowing.

Just a thought.

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