Mars Concedes!

Dec 3, 03:48 by IROSF
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Dec 3, 18:52 by b. lynch black
i remember this film mainly because it was a firm bonding agents for my various nephews and nieces who were in the age range of 7-12. they got it on video and spent hours rolling in laughter, especially when santa --at his capture by the martians --raised his eyebrows, rolled his eyes and queried, "Ho, ho.... HO?" these cousins still will say that it when something particularly ridiculous happens to them or when they do something ridiculous. so i honor the movie mainly for its value to these kids (who are no longer kids, actually).
Dec 4, 16:03 by LaShawn Wanak
I've only seen this movie in the context of MST3K. But now that it's in public domain, I'm considering watching it again with my 4-year-old. A little silliness is needed considering all that's happened this year. Thanks for writing.
Dec 4, 22:45 by Dave Moore
Incidentally, one of our local theaters has turned the film into a hilarious Christmas children's play (suitable for adults too).


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