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Dec 3, 03:52 by IROSF
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Article is here.
Dec 3, 06:39 by Denny Nelson
Maj. Michael (Mighty Mite) O'Neal for one.

I agree, Heros are needed badly.
Dec 3, 17:03 by Steven Gould
Perfect, Kris. Getting the job done.
Dec 3, 18:11 by Paul Jessup
here's a link to the Mamet article:

Not sure if I agree with him 100%
Dec 3, 18:16 by Bluejack
Note you can hotlink: Mamet Article
Dec 4, 21:26 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
Testify, sister, testify!
Dec 9, 03:44 by Adrian Simmons

I long for the days when we could call a spade a spade and wicked lich-king a wicked lich-king! Sometimes people really are rotten from the start.

But, honestly, do you think that the strong silent type hero you propose could get any traction among editors and fans in this day and age?
Mar 19, 21:06 by Paul Schilling
So by homogenized do we mean made them all the same or weakened them? Churning out movies about he-men wouldn't solve the first problem; he-men heroes are more interchangeable than others.

And the problem with non-introspective, emotionally detached, just do it heroes, is that I also just described the villians, too. Being non-introspective and emotionally detached is how the CEOs of companies that make tobacco products, SUVs, and guns sleep at night. I concede that you can make great books with these characters, books like LA Confidential which is darker than the movie, but it also made me want to take a shower after I read it. I concede that you can write realistic books with these characters, too. But we shouldn't forget that these qualities of he-men cut both ways, causing many of the problems they also solve.

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