Escaping into the Real

Dec 3, 03:53 by IROSF
Thoughts on the movie or this article can go here.

Article can be found here.
Dec 3, 15:13 by Jon Skovron
This is a wonderful and well articulated essay of what I consider to be a very important movie. Awesome!
Dec 8, 19:33 by Robert Urell
Not to be negative, but del Toro ripped off a better film called THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE. That film was made when Spain still grappled with the ghost of fascism and the horrors of the Civil War.
Dec 8, 20:21 by Bluejack
Damn. Someone else always gets there first.

Was this "rip-off" a remake, or an adaptation, or a reuse of themes? Would you care to comment more on the relationship between Escaping into the Real and the Spirit of the Beehive?

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