Lexicon Urthus

Dec 20, 20:27 by Lois Tilton
Seeing the ad for this second edition at the top of the site, I want to remark that I originally bought the first edition when it came out and found it full of fascinating stuff about the world, the language and the mythology. Wolfe's New Sun series is definitely worthy of a study like this, and readers who agree should consider picking up this edition.
Dec 21, 09:55 by William Ward
I also have the first edition and agree, it's a tremendous book for any fan of Wolfe's New Sun. I'm thinking of picking up the second edition as well.

Dec 22, 00:59 by Bluejack
I'd love to see something that ties the "New Sun" series together with the "Short Sun" and "Whorl" series' -- they all seem related. Or perhaps coordinated. Although simpler in style, the later series' gave me the same kind of "OMG! I need to go read it again to see if I understood anything at all. At which point I do, and get an even richer reading experience than the first time.

Dec 22, 01:00 by Bluejack
That said, the "New Sun" series alone is massively rich, and I look forward to picking up a copy myself.
Dec 22, 07:28 by William Ward
Have you seen Robert Borski's collections of essays on Wolfe? Solar Labyrinth and The Long and Short of It -- the second does cover the the interrelations of New, Long, and Short. Good stuff.

And I know what you mean about rereading, I've reread New Sun twice, but the later series I've only read once through -- long overdo for a revisit I think.
Dec 22, 14:39 by Lois Tilton
I've not seen the second and it would certainly be useful, I'm sure.
Dec 24, 17:27 by Bluejack
And it's certainly worth mentioning that we have a Borski essay right here: from our very first issue! Swimming With the Undines. I'd love to get Robert back for more!

Jan 12, 14:22 by Michael Andre-Driussi
Thank you for your kind words Lois, Bill Ward, and Bluejack!

In related news, how about a New Year's resolution to read The Book of the New Sun this year? Add URTH OF THE NEW SUN for five books. Do you dare add the Long Sun and Short Sun books, for a total of twelve?

Here is a new book club aiming to do just that:


Ambitious! Intriguing! How many will attempt this marathon? How many will complete it?
Jan 18, 18:33 by Bluejack
I have been thinking it might be about time for me to reread the series; I've read it through three times total, but none in the last 10 years or so.

I've only ever read Urth of the New Sun once, and it didn't work for me in the same way the original series did, so I've never reread that one. Do you recommend doing so?

By the way, here's that link in clickable format: Tor
Jan 18, 18:36 by Bluejack
And now there's an actual book club to host this project: Gene Wolfe Book Club
Jun 1, 01:23 by wesarem4@gmail.com
Thanks for all your msg :)

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