Founding Fathers

Jan 7, 06:53 by IROSF

Article is here.
Jan 7, 17:57 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
Fascinating article. I was unaware that the founders of the HWA felt the way that they do about its current incarnation. I think that Lansdale is right though, horror is too confining a term. While we all can point at a work and say "That is horror" (just as we can do the same with science fiction) despite the extremely wide breadth that the horror genre can cover, there is a popular perception of what horror is. That perception seems to be shared by publishers and so we have a glut of monster novels (some good, most not) and not much else. Sure, new and interesting stuff is coming out all the time, but unless there is some big name recognition, it is hard to find it amidst the dross (Simmons' The Terror and Williams The Unblemished are just two that stand out). Sometimes awards can help with that, but we non-pros must assume that the awards panel knows their stuff. Lansdale seems to think they might not, and I am inclined to agree.

I am skeptical of Associations by nature, since they tend be be nothing but ego-clubs for mutual self-congratulation. From my readings of LOCUS in the past couple of years it seems that the SFWA may be heading the same way.
Jan 7, 20:40 by Lois Tilton
Reading this article along with KKR's reminiscence.

I was for some time a member of both HWA and SFWA. One of the best things about SFWA is the way the org has always remembered and honored its founders and the earlier generations. HWA and its founders seem to be mostly estranged.

Jan 7, 20:54 by Jason Ridler
Hi everyone. Thanks for reading it. Lois: Yes, the estrangement led me to interview both authors. That they were no longer members was a puzzle to me and I wanted it solved, so the article was a result of my curiosity.

Jan 13, 21:01 by Paul Jessup
I'm kinda miffed the HWA myself. I tried joining last year. They took the initial fee out of my paypal acct and then I NEVER HEARD BACK FROM THEM.

I've pestered them every month for awhile, and then just gave up. SFWA let me join- why not HWA?
Jan 14, 00:16 by Lois Tilton
Feist's Law: Never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence.
Jan 14, 19:03 by Bluejack
That's a good one!

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