Shadow Unit Revealed

Jan 7, 06:55 by IROSF
Talk about this hit show.

Article is here.
Jan 8, 05:47 by Caryn Cameron
Great article; thanks!

(Love Shadow Unit; bought the t-shirt.)
Jan 8, 15:44 by Janine Stinson
Drat! Jen West beat me to it; I'm glad someone actually wrote this article anyway. :) Having the characters' "head shots" in the article helped remind me of them, as I'm still quite new to this series. Great interview, thanks to IROSF for buying it, and please, everyone go read some SU eps and pass the word on.

Oh, and watch some "NCIS" eps too. (No, I don't work for that show or CBS, just a fan). Smartsmart characters on that show, too. Which is what drew me to SU.
Jan 11, 19:29 by Marti McKenna
Once again, catch the show (and get the t-shirt!) at
Feb 3, 03:27 by
Nice blog. Found this while searching through
Feb 3, 03:27 by

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