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Jan 7, 06:55 by IROSF
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Jan 8, 12:35 by Walt Gottesman
Thank you for your homage to some of the greats in SF and your recollections of their oral story-telling. Those memories and your recounting of them will, like old photos, become even more valuable, at least to some of us, as more years, and more greats, pass on by.

In 1997 I almost got a rejection slip from you! Ray Bradbury recommended that I send one of my stories to you at SF&F. I did, and got an encouraging rejection letter not from you, but from Gordon Van Gelder who had replaced you as the editor there. Have remembered your name since then and after reading your article in IROSF will at long last seek out your fiction. Thanks again for sharing some of your memories.

Jan 8, 17:13 by JM Cornwell
One of the best things about the SF community is that it is a community and one that opens its arms and its experience without hesitation. I, too, have sat at the feet of giants and some of my most treasured letters came from some of those giants who took the time not to just reject my stories but to teach me. AJ was one of those. He took the time to type 2-3 single spaced pages every time he sent one of my stories back and each time I learned something new, but mostly I was in awe that a giant noticed a flea. Many of those giants noticed this flea and shared their wealth of knowledge and their friendship and I am richer for it.

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