The Cloud and the Networked Book

Jan 7, 06:56 by IROSF
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Article is here.
Jan 7, 08:14 by Aidan Doyle
A nice article with lots of interesting information and ideas.

"Keitai" refers to Japanese cell phones. So it's better to say "keitai novels" or "keitai lit" than just "keitai."

Jan 8, 18:52 by Elizabeth Barrette
I found this article to be deeply insightful. It takes a thorough look at diverse possibilities. I have linked to it on my blogs:
Jan 9, 00:07 by Bluejack
Thanks for the links, Ysabet!
Jan 12, 21:40 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
Until the Internet and more importantly, its support infrastructure (that is fibre, cable, dsl, wi-fi etc) is both free and ubiquitous, printed material will remain more important as a medium for the transmission of information (all kinds of information too, including our beloved fiction genre). DRM must also end if electronic reading is to supersede the printed book. Just as many people will still buy physical cds for their music in order to create a DRM free copy they can then use, I will continue to buy physical books. The limitations of any particular reader is unimportant; screen resolution and size will continue to improve. Accessibility and usability of electronic media must improve before print even begins to die, and even then, there will always be books.
Jan 14, 19:07 by Bluejack
Charles Stross points out that new technologies just about never replace old ones, they just build on top of them. He uses vinyl as an example.

That said, I believe VHS really is just about replaced now.
Jan 14, 19:53 by Lois Tilton
Cassette tape and players for it.
Jan 14, 20:58 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
I still have mine! Haven't used it in years though.
Jan 14, 21:07 by Stacey Janssen
I used mine just the other day, actually. My record player, too, come to think of it...
Jan 14, 21:35 by Lois Tilton
Can't buy a new one, except on Ebay.
Jun 14, 06:37 by
I found it only on ebay too

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