Brother Can You Spare a Disk?

Jan 7, 06:57 by IROSF
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Jan 7, 09:33 by Ian Sales
Wax, or the Discovery of Television among the Bees has, I believe been released on DVD. And Queen of Blood certainly is available on DVD - I wrote about it on my blog here.

Myself, I'd like to see a full version of the Russian To The Stars By Hard Ways. The only English-language version of it has been Humanoid Woman, which is apparently a very bad edit. A director's edition has been recently released in Russian, however.
Jan 7, 23:07 by A G
Wim Wenders' Until the End of the World is the one I want - there's rumours of different cuts floating around.
Jan 12, 21:19 by Gabriel Mckee
A few suggestions:

A couple years ago Lincoln Center in NYC did a festival of Russian/Soviet SF. I was fortunate enough to catch the delightful Planet of Storms,, but I missed a couple others that I wanted to see, most notably Zero City (Gorod Zero), which sounds like a Soviet cross between 1984 and Kafka's The Castle; and First on the Moon (Pervye na Lune), a 2005 alternate-history mockumentary (kind of like CSA) about a fictional Russian moon landing in 1930.

There's also a Korean short film I recently read about (in Esquire, of all places) called Wild Korea-- which ponders what would happen if every Korean citizen were required by law to carry a gun.
Mar 29, 18:08 by Robert Paul Gemmell
Nice list. World on a Wires was eventually released on DVD/Bluray, so fingers crossed for the other titles.

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