Jan 7, 06:59 by IROSF
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Jan 8, 20:20 by Doug Potter
Many will ask why one would spend the time and effort to review a tv show that nobody watched and will likely not have a second season. The answer is, of course, the inspiration of the show itself.
I don't know where I saw the promo for the Middleman, but it wasn't on ABC Family. Promos have caught my interest before, usually in a " That looks interesting" way. The Middleman promo had me think " I have to see this!" followed by a scramble to the internet to see where it was on the schedule. What I found was an hour of laugh out loud without prompting from a laugh track.
Underwood is dead on about the quality of the writing, but doesn't mention the casting aspect of the Middleman. On any network show Natalie Morales would be the friend and Brit Morgan would play Wendy Watson. Matt Kessler would be replaced by a twenty something actor to try to appeal to as young a demographic as possible. It's a miracle that a show this bright and original saw the light of the boob tube. If it doesn't see a second season I'll always be grateful for that.
I can't decide if this or Pushing Daisies was my favorite tv of last year, but I can hope that, like the team that created Daisies, the creators of Middleman will hit us with a new effort soon.
Jun 14, 06:37 by garnapawell@gmail.com
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Mar 9, 15:28 by wang@carbtc.net
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