Love in the Time of Paradox

Feb 5, 04:35 by IROSF
"Love in the Time of Paradox"
Feb 6, 00:39 by Daniel Salvo
Donīt forget movies like "Somewhere in time" and "What planet are you from?"
Feb 6, 02:33 by Daniel M. Kimmel
"Somewhere in Time" strikes me as more fantasy than science fiction and not very much of a comedy. It's also a romantic drama, not a comedy. I know it has its partisans.

"What Planet Are You From?" is science fiction, no question, and it does try to be funny but it's also not very good.

If someone can come up with something that is a decent film that's both romantic comedy and SF I'd be happy to consider it for a future essay. (The limitation is based on the subject matter of this particular essay. I tackle all kinds of SF films here.)
Feb 9, 07:13 by Dave Goldman
Earth Girls Are Easy?
Feb 9, 13:15 by Daniel M. Kimmel
Good one. Not a romantic comedy in the classic sense -- more of a farce -- but it's definitely got the elements.

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