The Undying Tradition

Feb 5, 04:35 by IROSF
"The Undying Tradition"
Feb 5, 18:37 by Walt Guyll
The accompanying cover illustrations are interesting in that they seem to come from various comic books and not one from Campbell's actual magazine.
Feb 5, 21:29 by Marti McKenna
Thanks! That's what I get for cramming late the night before my homework is due! All better now.
Feb 6, 23:13 by Geb Brown
Looks like Terry Pratchett is another author that should be included in that last paragraph of the article. He must have eaten this magazine up as a child, the tropes he uses in Discworld flow from many veins that Unknownseems to be the root of. The earliest Discworld piece The Colour of Magic directly references the Leiber work, minor characters Bravd and Weasel are identical Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser and Ankh-Morpork owes alot to Lankhmar.
Feb 9, 17:51 by Nader Elhefnawy
Thanks again Mr. Bee for another worthwhile piece on the pulps, without which science fiction would not be what it is today.
Apr 23, 00:17 by
Maybe you (or some reader) can answer a question for me. I recall that writers like Heinlein (in The Devil makes the Law, later called Magic Incorporated), Pratt & de Camp in the Harold Shea stories, and Leiber (in Conjure Wife)had a set of basic laws -- four, I think -- which included contagion and similarity as the means by which magic worked. These laws also showed up in that other wonderful fantasy magazine, Beyond, in (for example) James Gunn's Sine of the Magus. Can you tell me what those laws were?

I'd appreciate a direct reply.

Karen Anderson,

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