Information Superhighway

Feb 5, 04:36 by IROSF
"Racing Down the Information Superhighway"
Feb 8, 15:57 by Lois Tilton
Computers seem to be central in spy and crime thrillers as simply part of the normal fabric of life, as opposed to sciencefictional usage.

But even moreso, the ubiquity of cell phones has transformed the plot of films. There is a clear division between pre-cellphone movies and cellphone-era movies, and in some of them the phones are props just as essential as computers.
Feb 9, 17:49 by Nader Elhefnawy
Agreed, Ms. Tilton; and for those just reading this, that was part of the point, how we've gone from having "hacker" and "computer"-themed films to having it be part of the context, normalized and homogenized that way. I would also agree that the same thing has happened with cell phones.

What these technologies have meant for the dramatic effect of these genres, however, is a different matter that I didn't touch on, but which I think is worth considering.


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