Updike and the Up and Coming

Feb 5, 04:36 by IROSF
"Updike and the Up and Coming"
Feb 5, 18:02 by Gregory Benford
Excellent commentary. As an Updike fan, I applaud.

How about a piece on his explicit sf, starting with THE POORHOUSE FAIR?

Gregory Benford
Feb 6, 20:57 by Richard Der
Well made critiques. Thanks!
Feb 6, 21:57 by Carole Ann Moleti
I'm pleased you both enjoyed the piece. Gregory, I'll make a trip to the library tomorrow for The Poorhouse Fair, but can't promise a whole article on it. Unless I come across some other explicit SF to compare and contrast. Come to think of it, have you seen my reviews of speculative erotica on The Fix? It isn't just werewolves and vampires.

I got a belated link from the research department of the NPR affiliate in NYC: An interview with John Updike by Leonard Lopate. I'd requested it, but the search took a while.


If you haven't already heard the Brunonia Barry's interview with Diane Rhem, listen up. There is nothing like hearing the author's own words on their work.
Feb 6, 22:54 by Marti McKenna
Here's a formatted link. Let me know if you'd like it dropped into the article!
Feb 7, 14:52 by Carole Ann Moleti
Sure if it's not too much trouble, Marti. I tried formatting the link inthe reply but couldn't get it to work.

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