My Search for the Wild Hunt

Mar 6, 04:49 by Bluejack
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Mar 7, 17:47 by JM Cornwell
Andre Norton used the wild hunt in several books in the High Hallack stories in the Witch World series, calling it That Which Runs the Ridges. At its center was a maiden being chased by the wild hunt. In a later story, the maiden is freed from the Wild Hunt and turns out to be the sister of the Lord of the Hunt.
Mar 8, 02:37 by Blue Tyson
Susan Cooper's famous Dark Is Rising, too, of course.
Mar 8, 02:48 by Bluejack
And, of course, Lloyd Alexander's Prydain series has all sorts of Wild Hunt references, most explicitly as it opens in The Book of Three.

A bibliography of Wild Hunt occurrences in fantasy fiction would probably be quite extensive. I particularly loved the Alexander books as a kid though.

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