Parallax: The Obversion

Apr 3, 00:35 by IROSF
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Apr 3, 11:18 by Gabriel Mckee
"For 6,000 years God has been an old man with a long white beard."

I've got to take issue with this statement. I've read an awful lot of theology, and the only people I've found who insist on the white-beardedness of God are folks like Bertrand Russell and Richard Dawkins. Most monotheistic theology frowns on anthropomorphism; in Islam it's "tajseem"-- a major sin.
Apr 3, 14:29 by Rob Furey
I am speaking of a long standing image of what God is. A walk through the Sistine Chapel trumps even Dawkins. I am quite sure that we can all come up with as many faces of God as there are faces of us.

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