Short Fiction, April 2009

Apr 3, 00:37 by IROSF
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Apr 3, 05:40 by Michael Ehart
Thank you Lois, for the kind words! You are right. I struggled with the Greek names, found some substitutes, but finally decided on Homer's names because they are the names by which the characters had become real to me.
Apr 3, 16:00 by Jason Sizemore
Thank you for reviewing Apex Magazine. I was wondering when we would hit your radar. :)

Jason Sizemore
Apex Magazine
Apr 3, 16:37 by Tim Pratt
Thanks for the nice words, Lois. I'm glad you liked the story -- it's one of the most personal and honest things I've written.
Apr 4, 01:49 by Tom Ligon
Oops, sorry about the bun! Too much description has its drawbacks! ;)

Apr 4, 16:34 by Lois Tilton
Tom, I've probably saved you from mobs of enraged females wielding rolling pins.
Jun 14, 08:09 by
Maybe you are right at some point

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