Short Fiction, May 2009

May 7, 05:35 by IROSF
Comment below!
May 7, 15:25 by Jim Van Pelt
Thank you for the kind comments and recommendation, Lois.
May 8, 00:28 by Lois Tilton
I noticed the discussion on the Analog forum, Jim.

I would say that the subject matter of your story, space travel and colonization, certainly puts it within the core material of the magazine. What I found atypical for that venue is the way you explore the regrets, the negative feelings consequent on forever leaving the homeworld.

Which isn't to imply that I think the story didn't belong in the magazine, but that I'm happy to see different points of view expressed there.
May 8, 04:30 by Jim Van Pelt
Hi, Lois. I didn't think you were saying it didn't belong. I really appreciated the comment. I felt you were pointing out that a lot of folks might find it atypical (as you did), and that it was a change of pace. As with all you reviews, I enjoyed your take on the stories.

You really thought the James Patrick Kelly piece in Asimov's was YA? I haven't read it yet.
May 8, 09:30 by susie hawes
as usual, on point and a good, tight read.

And if not, the Sorcerer Kings could certainly produce them.

:D so true.
May 22, 17:24 by Lois Tilton
I've noticed that Elsewhere, Mr John Lambshead has expressed dissatisfaction with my review of his story in the April issue of Baen's. Which, of course, he is perfectly entitled to do.

But he also claims that I have previously "accused him of poor spelling" for words like "colour." I tend to doubt this. Certainly I have not done so in this venue, where all my reviewing of the Baen magazine has appeared, and I have not been able to discover that Mr Lambshead has ever published fiction anywhere else.

I would be interested to see if anyone could actually produce such an accusation.
Feb 13, 16:31 by
I love to read fiction books, these reviews are quite helpful! Me and my team at often talk about short fiction.

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