The Greatest Terror Lurks Just Outside Our Door

Jun 4, 02:38 by IROSF
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Jun 4, 06:34 by Daniel M. Kimmel
A fascinating history lesson. That certainly filled in some gaps in my knowledge. Well done!
Jun 4, 14:33 by Justin Howe
Nice to see the Quatermass films getting some attention. I still get chills from the end of Quatermass & the Pit.
Jun 4, 14:38 by Paul Jessup
You do know that the Village of the Damned is based on the British book, The Midwich Cuckoos, right? Could explain the Britishness you felt- since, it was, after all, British.
Jun 4, 16:27 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
I have to say that while most of the British films I have seen lately are not specifically Science Fiction, the UK is turning out some damn fine movies; Layer Cake, 28 Days Later, Straightheads etc. Given the recent trend in Hollywood of remakes, reboots and vastly inferior sequels, British film makers have an excellent opportunity to recapture some of their past glory. Of course, being a Canadian, I feel that my country's culture is far closer to that of Britain and has a much closer appreciation of British themes and storytelling. I have stated in the past (frequently) that British S/F literature is on average of much higher quality than the current crop of American S/F. Perhaps British S/F film is not far behind. Certainly the new Doctor Who is superior to any American TV S/F since Babylon 5.
Jun 5, 00:38 by 0
Nice article, Mark. Was watching the BBC version Quatermass II the other day on DVD, and agree with you how good it is, not to mention how different it is to the movie version. Some of the actions in the film version seem rather extreme, not to mention happen surprisingly quickly. Given more space in the TV series, it is less dramatic but more effective.

Nov 25, 21:28 by
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