Short Fiction, June 2009

Jun 4, 02:42 by IROSF
Comment below!
Jun 4, 11:38 by Neil Clarke
"There seem to be hyperlinks in the text to entries in the Field Guide, but they did not work on my computer—as in fact none of this site's links ever do."

Lois, please email me (neil (at) so I can help you figure out why this is happening to you. You're the only person we've ever heard mention this problem and I've been unable to duplicate it. The hyperlinks in this story are additional text and audio content.
Jun 5, 04:01 by Lois Tilton
I think I should make clear that the problems I have with the links at the Clarkesworld site are undoubtedly the result of incompatibility with my own security settings, not some problem with the site's code.
Jun 5, 23:07 by Richard Horton
Lois, if you are looking for more SF/Fantasy at the New Yorker, definitely check out "A Tiny Feast" by Chris Adrian. April 23, I think. A Google search for "Tiny Feast Adrian New Yorker" should get to an online version.

(There's a Lethem story too recently, but not at all fantastical, and not really much to my taste.)

We disagree on more than usual this month, for whatever reason ...
Jun 6, 00:19 by Lois Tilton
Thanks, Rich. I'll look for it.

I didn't find a whole lot to get really excited about this time.
Jun 8, 19:44 by Jason Sizemore

The zine is not going to be extinct. It is going on hiatus.
Jun 8, 20:36 by Bluejack
You're talking about Apex, Jason?

FYI: Hiatus does not *always* mean extinct! We've taken two hiatus' here at IROSF, one for three months, one for 6.
Jun 9, 14:44 by Jesse Bullington
Ms Tilton:

Now that the window for my inclusion in the roundup is closed, hopefully making this seem a little less gauche, might I suggest you check out Chiaroscuro sometime? They have a rep as being a horror market but print a lot of dark fantasy and science fiction as well--Daniel Rabuzzi's "Optimika" in Chizine 39, for example, was one of my favorite SF pieces so far this year. I really am not trying to be presumptuous by suggesting a market you may already be very familiar with, but in talking with people I've been surprised to find that Chizine flies under a lot of readers' radar. Very sorry if this makes me seem like a prat but the editors there are great fellows with a keen eye, and I thought I'd point you in that direction just in case you weren't aware. Thanks a lot for your time (and patience!),

Jun 9, 17:45 by Lois Tilton
A good suggestion. I am aware of Chizine but always had it in the horror slot.
Jun 10, 11:30 by frog pill
Another magazine that mixes sf with horror is Something Wicked:

and Andromeda Spaceways is one that publishes sf.
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