Wanted: Evil Minds that Plot Destruction

Jun 19, 10:21 by Martin V
A new open source game project is looking for story, quest, and character authors for a new Independent roleplaying game. The setting is Scandinavia - 20 years after WWIII broke out between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Civilization has been wrecked. Europe has been overrun by modern armies, and then plastered by weapons of mass destruction. The vast quantity of debris in the atmosphere has triggered years of devastating nuclear winter... which has "snowballed" into the beginnings of a new ice age...

What happens next? It's up to you. Make your mark on a new world. Visit the development blog (don't forget to check the forums and wiki) for a quite unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what we think will be a truly fantastic game.

We are especially looking for people with experience writing for dialog trees and those familiar with Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and other areas near the Baltic Sea.

Just to clear up the situation: this is not the usual "let's make an RPG, where do we start?". The involved developers have solid experience in the field of game development. Personally I'm one of the founders of open source game engine undertaking FIFE, where I took care of project management needs from 2005-2008.

If you got any questions about the project or the team behind it, shoot right away! We appreciate every kind of feedback and will try to answer in time.

Here are some visuals to look at to point out that we've already started to make progress in different fields.

Concept art:
Gaspard's snow characters

Justin's concept art

Improsived post-apoc weapons by Zeli

Ingame screenshots:

Map editor tool (FIFE map editor with PARPG map loaded into it)

Inventory draft

All kinds of feedback are appreciated!
Jun 1, 01:23 by wesarem4@gmail.com
I need to try it asap. Thanks man

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Nov 23, 10:53 by sarahtaylor0001@gmail.com
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