The Sidewalk

Aug 8, 01:00 by IROSF
Comment below!
Aug 9, 07:40 by Keyan Bowes
Nice account... but you can't end it without telling us if you reached your $60 target or not!
Aug 9, 14:44 by Lois Tilton
For several years, I worked with an organization that runs an annual used booksale. One of the rules is that no magazines are accepted for the sale, but I always made an exception for the fiction digests.
Aug 9, 15:33 by Nader Elhefnawy
Now that I think about it, my first direct exposure to the magazine markets was through a used sale; I bought a year's worth of Analogs at one, a buy that I'd have been much less likely to "bump into" otherwise.

That kind of thing's what I've always found most appealing about such sales, the stuff (like out of print stuff) you'd be unlikely to find in other places.
Aug 9, 18:04 by JM Cornwell
I've found some great books at garage sales, yard sales and flea markets. Wherever I see a book, I am compelled to stop.
Aug 9, 23:53 by Justin Howe
Lois - I found that they sold very well.

Nader - That's exactly what I like about book tables: the unexpected collection and odd bundle, also the appeal of finding something very enjoyable for very cheap.

JM - Yes! It's almost like a compulsion.

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