Short Fiction, August 2009

Aug 8, 01:04 by IROSF
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Aug 8, 03:19 by Douglas Cohen
Miss Tilton:

Now that Realms of Fantasy has a new publisher, I can assure you that you can get on our comp list. The publisher has told me to put anyone I want on the list. If you could email me your mailing address, I'll pass it along to Warren Lapine. Thanks. Email:


Doug Cohen

Assistant Editor/Art Director
Aug 8, 18:02 by Amy Jansen
Something seems to have gone wrong with the formatting of this column. Some of the quotations are running into the text of the review, instead of being in the normal blue blocks. It makes the reviews somewhat difficult to read.
Aug 9, 02:06 by Lois Tilton
That happened to me, but it got right again when I refreshed my browser.

Aug 9, 03:44 by Bluejack
What browser do you use Amy? I did just change the style sheet for quotes, maybe I have missed a browser. I'll do another round of tests...
Aug 9, 22:19 by J Andrews
FYI, it's Tobias Buckell not Bucknell. I learned that the hard way. :)
Aug 9, 23:08 by Juliette Wade
Thanks for the review, Ms. Tilton. I always value your opinion.

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