The Clown Prince of Science Fiction

Sep 5, 06:46 by IROSF
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Sep 5, 14:28 by 0
Nice article, Mark. Thank you.

I gather the Baen collection's now quite hard to get. It sounds rather like it's not just me that's been reading Randall's work through ebooks. Long may it continue!

Mark Y.
Sep 5, 17:24 by Gregory Benford
Very solid. Brought it all back for me!

Sep 6, 15:54 by Steve Fahnestalk
If memory serves, Garrett also wrote a lot of Feghoots for F&SF.
Thanks for bringing Randall back to mind!
The younger SF readers are missing so many books and stories that would engage and inspire their minds (or just make them laugh out loud), due to the media tie-ins and spin-offs currently crowding the shelves.
I've gotta go find my "Mark Phillips" paperbacks and reread them, if nothing else. Thanks again!

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