WisCon 33

Sep 5, 06:46 by IROSF
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Sep 5, 21:06 by Steven Francis Murphy
I suspect it was probably not mentioned at the women in the military panel but the US Army Sniper Manual warns that fifty percent of the world's snipers are women. It further advises that "a woman with a scoped weapon is a deadly opponent."

Furthermore, if one reads Charles Hathcock (the Marine's legendary sniper) they'll learn of his encounter with a particularly vicious NVA Female sniper. I won't go into details as they are somewhat graphic.

As for the gender of the dead, I suspect that is not the real reason to the ban on women in combat arms. I suspect the reason is more due to pregenancy issues. A woman who gets pregnant is pulled from deployment, which effects unit morale and capability. If a long term form of birth control could be employed (for both genders) along with punitive measures for those who do get pregnant (along with DNA testing for the daddy and similar punishment) I'd be willing to sign off on women in combat.

S. F. Murphy
Sep 16, 00:28 by J Andrews
Great report. Made me all nostalgic! Wiscon rocks!

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