Anticipation (WorldCon 2009)

Sep 5, 06:47 by IROSF
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Oct 3, 22:43 by Terry Grignon
Very nice summary, Carole Ann, it was my first World Con too and I was overwhelmed by the stunning bigness of the whole thing. My favourite sessions were:

-What is Consciousness?
-How to Respond to a Critique of your Writing
-How to Get to Alpha Centauri
-Writing Workshop L (which I endured with you and probably found as fulfilling as you did)
-David Clements
-What Makes A Good Story?
-How to Pitch Your Novelů and how not to
-Driven by Character; Starting with a Character
-Gaiman reads Doctorow
-Brewing and Distilling in Extreme Environments
-English-Canada Small-Press SF Publishers
-Lots of Planets have a North
-Private Passions: The Many Interests of Neil Gaiman
-Economics of the Star Traders

It was a fascinating event and I was glad to see your review here.

Terry Grignon

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