Long Live the Novella

Sep 5, 06:47 by IROSF
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Sep 6, 20:22 by Todd Suomela
Thanks for this great review. I have been bothered by the steady lengthening of SF and fantasy novels too. And I'm always glad to hear more about what is being published by small presses. So two direct hits to my circle of interests - thanks again.
Sep 8, 16:49 by Nader Elhefnawy
I enjoyed the theme of the review, and am pleased to hear again about the interest PS Press is taking in the genre. (I didn't even know the house existed until a few months ago.)

I'm absolutely in agreement about the length issue, which I've written about in plenty of other places (my "End of SF" piece in The Fix last year, to name one).

Incidentally, while still worthy of discussion, the tendency criticized here is by now a very old one. Charles Stross on his blog traced that line of development back to changes in publishing in the 1970s some time ago (regarding book bulk and price), and whatever the exact cause, Douglas Adams was already joking about the preoccupation of the American book market with overlarge, padded books in his 4th Hitchhiker novel (emphatically not one of those giant books)-published all the way back in 1984.

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