Ghosts and Demons

Oct 8, 07:05 by IROSF
Comment below!
Oct 8, 17:50 by Keyan Bowes
Great interview with a great author! Really enjoyed the depth in this one.
Oct 8, 19:41 by Dario Ciriello
Thanks, Keyan :)
Oct 12, 23:41 by Dario Ciriello
(Weird - The editorial thread showed up here, and when I replied it was gone!)
Oct 24, 18:27 by Jerry Wright
Hi Dario. Its been a bit of a while. Sadly it will be some time until we meet up again, as I'm no longer traveling, but you did a terrific job in this interview with Aliette. Now I have to find her work.

Oct 26, 21:11 by Dario Ciriello
Glad you enjoyed it, Jerry :) I'll drop you an email...

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