Readercon 20

Oct 8, 07:06 by IROSF
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Oct 8, 11:06 by Daniel M. Kimmel
Didn't get to go this year (had a non-SF con the weekend before) but I've been before and it's precisely as you describe. Anyone who loves to read SF (and I do even though I'm a film critic) will have a great time at Readercon.
Oct 8, 13:10 by Jennifer Pelland
My "girls" are happy for the mention. I think this is the first time my boobs have gotten a write-up in a convention report :)
Oct 8, 16:12 by J Andrews
Very nice write-up. The improv was definitely the best part of the con for me!

I do have to disagree with you rating the food 'great'. For those who don't have a car, there are limited, limited, limited options. The consuite was okay, for a consuite. I did appreciate the pita and hummus in particular.

So I'd rate Readercon an 'adequate' on the food scale, grudgingly.

But of course any con is going to compare unfavorably to Wiscon on the matter of food. So it's quite possible I'm a little spoiled. On that same scale, Wiscon would be 'stupendously awesome'.

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