Danger Will Robinson

Oct 8, 07:07 by IROSF
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Oct 8, 23:53 by JM Cornwell
It never occurred to me that editors were talking about me, but it should have been obvious.

I used to send Algis Budrys story after story and all I got in return were 3-4 pages of single spaced, typewritten rejections it was obvious Mr. Budrys had typed himself. There were a few compliments, but most of the letters went into great detail about what I was doing wrong and what could be better. After several such exchanges, I quit sending him stories and concentrated on other genres, always with the lingering regret that nothing was good enough for him. I still kept writing and continue to write, and read.

I had similar experiences with other editors who'd write personal notes that included the invitation to keep submitting, but I never could break that barrier. I turned to nonfiction and was easily and quickly published, but I still hungered for the fiction credits and finally made it this year. Probably wouldn't have taken me so long if I had known -- or even imagined -- that editors were talking about me.
Oct 15, 19:21 by Dario Ciriello
Good article. One moderately published writer friend of mine had exactly that happen at Worldcon just recently. She approached a big-name editor, who -- to my friend's stunned amazement, said "Yes, X (another big-name editor) and I were just talking about your work a little while ago."

"A series of ladders" is how Gardner Dozois described a writer's life to my Clarion west class back in '02, recommending we cultivate a thick skin and don't pay too much attention to reviews. And I think it might have been Graham Greene who said all that was needed to be a writer was "A will... an indomitable will."

You sure do have to want it. And there *is* no try.
Oct 16, 13:22 by Michael Andre-Driussi
A solid article.

(I believe there is a typo early on -- "ram around," in "I watch them ram around attacking life," I think should be "run around.")

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