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Nov 8, 00:54 by IROSF
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Nov 11, 01:44 by
Oh I'd love to do this. I'm not sure I could pull it off as well as the Smart Bitches, though.
Nov 12, 20:50 by Nancy Beck
I *love* that site. Used to peruse it all the time (laughing my head off). They do things other than snark (as I'm sure Kristine is aware), like when they caught that one romance author plagiarizing an old work (but not too old; it was still under copyright).

In my mind there are no guilty pleasures...just good ol', plain ol' pleasures.

I'd be up to make a site for SF or fantasy...except I'm unemployed at the moment, so the money ain't there at the moment.

Nov 12, 23:31 by Peggy
I'd love a site like that about SF!

I've found that it's harder than it looks to write snarkily and still let the love shine through, though. When I've made snarky posts on my own blog, I get feedback that I'm too harsh or "too serious" and whatnot. Maybe it's my writing style, or maybe it's that some people don't understand that even though I criticize silly science and bad characterization, that's what I've chosen to spend my spare time reading. It's certainly not because blogging pays the big bucks!

Actually, I have some experience both with free blogger blogs and with Wordpress-based blogs, and would be interested in helping put a site like that together if people are seriously interested.
Nov 18, 20:15 by Janine Stinson
Count me in. I've spent the last 6 weeks reading "urban fantasy" novels for an article; Kelley Armstrong, Marjorie Liu, Keri Arthur, Rachel Vincent, C. E. Murphy, etc. Whee! I enjoyed most of them, but it'll be fun to see what SBTB says about them (and I feel fairly certain, without hving visited the site yet, that at least one of them will be mentioned there!).

If we get a foundation group of writers and ask that participants take turns with a regularly scheduled essay/column, then stick a donation button on the site (as the writers of Shadow Unit have done), I bet it'd work. Can you hear me rubbing my hands together in glee at the thought of being blunt about SF books I love that also have clay feet? :)
Nov 20, 22:24 by Joe Prisco
what bl.norman and everyone else said. Seems I can't help but write snarky, so I'd certainly want to contribute. At least, until I win a Hugo award ;)

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