New York City Science Fiction Book Group

Nov 12, 06:02 by Alan Scheiner
I would like to hear from people in New York City who would be interested in forming a science fiction book group - we pick a book to read each month and get together to discuss that book (or whatever else seems relevant). I thought for starters we could meet at a Barnes and Nobel that has a decent-sized coffee area, eg: Lex and 86th. First Book Suggestion: Paolo Baciagalupi, The Windup Girl, but we could certainly vote on it. Anyone interested please write me at Thanks.
May 23, 10:17 by
Is it possible to join that group?
Aug 23, 11:23 by
Exactly science fiction comes a great role in our environment to reach that goals which never ends.
Nov 6, 11:50 by
I loved the post, keep posting interesting posts. I will be a regular reader...


Dec 8, 17:04 by

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