The Future is Now

Dec 11, 05:54 by IROSF
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Dec 11, 17:37 by T. S. Miller
A very nice retro review, thank you -- you helpfully called attention to the film's successes without heaping undue praise on it.

Dec 11, 20:57 by Nader Elhefnawy
Agreed; a good, balanced review of a film that occupies a strange place in the genre's cinematic history-and the title of which has made it oddly timely.

Dec 15, 17:09 by
I totally agree. I haven't seen the movie in a while, but from what I remember--and I'm about to lapse into a probably not inappropriate Rapture metaphor--it was about those of us left behind, trying to make sense of what had happened in 2001. Bowman went off into a condition that, almost by definition, humanity could not understand. I'd have been disappointed it they'd tried.
Oct 6, 18:13 by Richie
The Future is Now! is one of those quest-for-enlightenment inspirational films that comes along every few years in which the viewer's attention is torn between the breezy philosophical chat and a sense of awe at the filmmakers' travel budget.

Best Limo Fairfax


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