Dark Legacies Matter

Dec 11, 05:55 by IROSF
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Dec 11, 17:59 by Lois Tilton
hrrmmm - "audacity" isn't quite the term I would use for imagining a woman as a vampire. Hardly a stereotype-busting image. Nor is the done-to-death daughter as victim of abuse.
Dec 13, 14:16 by Anne Murphy
I am surprised to see references at the end to three out of five of the stories referred to in the text ("The Quality of Sand," and "Chicago 1927" are missing from the references) but even more so that the essay by Delany is not listed, since the title, "Racism in Science Fiction," is not given in the body of the review. Especially since you thus miss the opportunity to link to where NYRSF has made it available online (http://www.nyrsf.com/racism-and-science-fiction-.html)
I also wonder why you didn't include a link to the Brissett interview in Strange Horizons (which in full was titled "Creating Dark Matter: An Interview with Sheree Renée Thomas," http://www.strangehorizons.com/2009/20090216/brissett-a.shtml).

I was glad to see Strange Horizons in italics in the references section at least, although in the body of the piece it is erroneously given in quotes instead of italics.
Dec 18, 15:08 by LaShawn Wanak
Good article. I actually own a copy of Dark Matter after finding it on sale at our library. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I'll bump it up to the top of my reading pile. This would make a good supplement.
Feb 5, 12:16 by owensadler94@yopmail.com
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