Short Fiction, December 2009

Dec 11, 05:55 by IROSF
Please comment!
Dec 11, 18:12 by Richard Lovett
Interesting comments on "Neptune's Treasure," Lois.

FYI, I was a travel writer (among many other things) before starting to sell fiction. I often draw on that.

I liked your summary of the characters, too. You've inspired me to get cracking on part IV, which stalled when I started needing to pay the rent with nonfiction writing.
Dec 31, 17:56 by Richard Horton
Hi, Lois.

It's refreshing when we agree, stimulating when we don't -- this time I find myself largely in agreement: about the Stratmann stories, the Tem story, the Ziljak story, Rusch's piece ...

My reading of Shoulders's piece ("Conditional Love") is that Grace made a horribly wrong decision, by the way.

And the Flynn story is a sequel to his (pretty good) novel THE JANUARY DANCER. I suspect another novel is forthcoming -- whether this story is part of it or not I don't know.
Dec 31, 22:58 by Lois Tilton
That is also my own reading of the Shoulders piece, but I am not entirely convinced that the author didn't intend it to be ambiguous.

I'll have my Years Best list in the January issue.
Jan 2, 02:26 by Lois Tilton
btw - I see that the Asimov's online forum has a discussion of this story.

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