Top 10 Horror for 2010

Jan 13, 04:26 by IROSF

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Jan 14, 16:32 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
What are you smoking? I jest. In any case, I think you have overlooked one of the most astounding horror novels of recent years, The Unblemished by Conrad Williams. Technically it was published in 2007, but it did not hit the North American market until 2009. Truly creepy and with an ending that will suck the soul right out of you.

And there is Dan Simmons' The Terror. Again, this was published in 2007, but no other horror novels I have read since then have had the impact that both of the books had.

I keep waiting for something truly scary to come out of the North American market and save for The Terror nothing really has. The Unblemished though, is really horrific and parts of it will keep you awake at night.
Jan 14, 16:59 by Nicholas Kaufmann
I believe it was you that previously recommended The Unblemished to me. It's on my list, as is The Terror (and Drood too)!
Jan 4, 22:34 by
We have had such a good read from this work, thank you so much. The team of block paving driveways in Derby have also enjoyed it too.

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