The Penultimate Issue

Jan 13, 04:29 by IROSF

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Jan 13, 05:18 by Deborah Layne
Sorry to see IROSF come to an end, but it sounds like a good move for you.

Best of luck with the master plan!
Jan 13, 05:53 by Mahesh Raj Mohan
I echo Deborah. That's pretty funny about "John Frost," by the way. You probably don't remember, but after I sold you the interview with the Night Shade guys, I inquired about his health, because you said he had "stepped down for personal and health reasons." lol. Well met, sir, and good fortune on your masterplans!
Jan 13, 06:00 by Walt Gottesman
Thank you for the noble endeavor that IROSF has been, noble because so freely given. The reviews are the essence of this publication and my favorite section, a way to "take the pulse" of the current state of short SF. May all your efforts return to each of you on the staff in the form of more and more inspiration for your work, whatever form it may take. Onward!
Jan 13, 12:10 by Christina Francine
Sorry to find IROSF is ending, but I totally understand why you must move on. A thank you to you and to the other staffers for all the work in making IROSF a fantastic read. I have enjoyed each issue. Thank you too for publishing an interview I'd sent also.

Best to you!
Jan 13, 13:17 by Andreas Flögel
Many thanks for the hard work on IROSF. I enjoyed every issue.
Please let us know how your masterplan evolves in the future.

One question: Will the archives of IROSF remain online?

Best wishes!
Jan 13, 14:30 by Dirk van den Boom
I'm sorry to hear that, as I have contributed to IROSF in the past. But things have to progress and I look forward to see your old master plan unravel, so keep me posted. Nothing is forever. So let's look out for the new things.
Jan 13, 14:45 by Katie Howenstine
Good luck in all things big and small! I've love IROSF, so thanks!
Jan 13, 14:46 by Bluejack
Thanks for all the notes.

Yes, the archives will remain on. I figure for the next year I'll keep everything as is, although on a cheaper server, and after that probably migrate the archived articles to static files on some kind of free-hosting service.

Things do depend a little bit on how some of the other plans turn out.
Jan 13, 15:16 by Lezlie Kinyon
I will miss IROSF. I wish you great success in the master plan. Writing has become, I fear, a "passionate hobby" for a great many in our times...
Jan 13, 15:22 by Todd Treichel
This will be a loss, but I thank you what you've given us over the years, and I wish you the best with the next stage of the Master Plan.
Jan 13, 15:51 by Philip Kaldon
I didn't quite get in on the beginning, but I've been an IROSF subscriber since July 2004. Learned about it from the extended contacts family I'd just joined after the 2004 Clarion workshop. IROSF has been an excellent resource every month, with insightful articles and reviews of the SF/F scene. I have a pair of IROSF hats from Cafe Press and have worn them at the cons I go to and have tried to otherwise spread the word.

It's been a good run and I will sorely miss IROSF come March 2010. Good luck to all and Thank You.

Dr. Phil
Jan 13, 15:57 by Lucius Sorrentino
Alas. Hope the master plan entails less workload and more financial reward. Many thanks for having endeavored to bring thoughtful, interesting writing to the internet.
Jan 13, 19:43 by Ursula Pflug
I'm sorry to see you go. I've enjoyed all of it, reading IROSF, writing for IROSF. I know that amazing things are in store for you, and perhaps for us, your loyal readers and/or writers, too.
Jan 13, 22:50 by Scott Sandridge
Bummer. *sniff, sniff*

Here's hoping your master plan becomes a rip-roaring success. :)
Jan 14, 01:53 by George Nozicka
Good luck and thanks for all your work on IROSF; I'll surely miss it.
Jan 14, 02:53 by Janine Stinson
Awwww, man! Where am I gonna read the same kind of stuff that IROSF published?!? (mutters) Best wishes all the same, to Bluejack and all the folks who worked for IROSF. Thanks for accepting and publishing some of my writings (a really *big* thanks -- those were major confidence boosters). I look forward to finding out what The Great Plan will present, too. Blue skies!
Jan 14, 16:06 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
Dang. Now I have to find somewhere else to post my incoherent rants! Best of luck with your Master Plan and thanks for all of the great work you have done on this excellent venue.
Jan 14, 22:43 by Constance Ash
So much hard, productive work by you and the others.

Many thanks.

Best of fortune in all your futures.

Love, C.
Jan 16, 16:11 by Robert
I appear to have tuned in just in time to see it dissolved. I'm sorry to see IROSF go because it clearly enjoyed a good reputation. So my question is, could the reigns not be handed over to some other group to carry on its good name and momentum?I can see why giving up one's child for adoption would be traumatic, but its got to be better than taking it into the backyard and shooting it.
Jan 16, 18:05 by Bluejack
There have been a few conversations over the years that might fall under the "Mergers and Aqcuisitions" categories, but -- at least for the next year or so -- my preference is to keep things dormant and see how the world evolves around it.

Any publisher knows that putting together a magazine, even an online magazine, is hard work. Maintaining the quality that IROSF has been able to deliver, and the consistency that we've enjoyed under Stacey's watch, all as a money-losing proposition is not something that most professional operations would be keen to take on. People with less experience might be quite enthusiastic, but (and I say this as one who knows), they just don't know what they're in for, and I would hate to hand the reigns over & have it just peter away.

The big unsolved question is whether a publication like IROSF can (A) pay authors what they deserve, and (B) at the very least break even as a volunteer operation.

If we can find a way to solve that question, then IROSF and other mainstays of the genre can not only survive, but hopefully prosper.
Jan 16, 23:05 by Normand D. Paquin
DEAR BLUEJACK - Many thanks to you and to John Frost, as well as to your other colleagues, real and fictional, for IROSF, an outstanding achievement. I hope that the "archives" of IROSF will remain available on internet for all SF students and fans to enjoy in the future.

Normand D. Paquin
"Arts & Culture" Popular Education Program
Quebec Eastern Townships, Canada
January 16 2010
Jan 16, 23:58 by Bluejack
Yes, no worries about the archives! They will remain available.
Feb 10, 04:21 by Ryder W. Miller
Thank you as well. Sorry I was not able to take this fascinating ride all the way to the end. Thanks anyway.
Apr 15, 19:07 by mos
IROSF is a good source of information and I do love reading inspirational resources contained in this site.

Mos from Platinum Access Limos)

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