Haunting Anniversary: A Half-Century of Hill House

Feb 11, 05:27 by IROSF

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Feb 16, 14:25 by Janine Stinson
This grateful reader comes before you to praise Joe Nazare's spare, direct prose in this excellently written and structured article on my very favorite haunted house story, and to thank IROSF for publishing it so I can read it. Mr. Nazare's opinion of who/what haunts Hill House matches my own long-held belief, and I don't envy his having gotten it into print before me. He's done a much better job than I could have, I think.

I hereby float the idea (or second it, if it's been done elsewhere already) that there be a Best of IROSF collection made available, either in PDF download or e-book form, and that this article be included in it. Readers could nominate their favorite articles, or a series of PDFs could be issued that cover each area of the magazine (columns, critical essays, book reviews, short fiction reviews, interviews, etc.). Yeah, I know, it's work that someone has to do, but I'd pony up $$ for something like this. It's a lot easier to read electronic texts with my netbook while in bed, compared to a desktop model. :)

Just a thot...
Feb 16, 14:42 by Karl Bunker
Terrific article! Clear and convincing in its analyses, wonderfully well researched, elegantly and artfully written. Thanks!
May 10, 17:13 by Wolfgang Hartkopf
I'm sorry, I didn't read the article completely, so I didn't notice that the following was already there.
This is one of the best articles I have ever read about this book. I only want to add my opinion of the blood scene in Theodora's room, from which I have never read an explanation.

After rereading the blood chapter I came upon a conclusion for Eleanor doing the writing on the wall and spreading the blood in Theodoras room. Theodora knows Eleanor has done it because she says: "I don't know how you managed it." Eleanor answers "It looks like paint", then she admits "except the smell is awful" (page 153 and following in the first edition). When the doctor and Luke arrive she tells them again "Someone - something - has gotten red paint in her room, ..." in spite of she had admitted before it was blood. The doctor says "I would swear that it was blood, and yet to get so much blood one would almost have to ... " and then was abruptly quiet." This means also the doctor realises that Eleanor must have done it. And Eleanor's thoughts are treacherous "It must be paint, she told herself; it's simply got to be paint; what else could it be?". If Eleanor asks herself such questions after admitting the blood this can only mean she knows deep inside she's done it, but she tries to repress this knowledge. And another awful fact is rising. Where does this much blood come from? The doctor has already recognized it, but was afraid to speak it out.

"... the smell is awful." and "The smell was atrocious, ...", this could not be normal blood, because this doesn't smell in such a way. I think there is only one conclusion: it was Eleanor's menstrual blood which was being spread by her all over Theo's room. Did she mean it as a symbol for defloration? I think it's possible. But now it is also for sure, Eleanor has also done the chalk writing on the wall.

I imagine not everyone agrees with me but I would be glad to hear other opinions on this scene.
Jun 26, 00:29 by witekolla@gmail.com
You all guys know what you are talking about

Oct 28, 11:15 by Omieno
Breathtaking article! Very straightforward and persuading in its investigations, superbly all around looked into, exquisitely and awesomely composed. Much appreciated!

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Mar 3, 11:47 by horheu7@yahoo.com
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