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Publisher: Bluejack

February, 2010 (Vol. VII: #2)

Uh Oh

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Aaaand Scene!

So long, and thanks for all the...well, everything.


Another Kind of Science Fiction

An Interview with Schlock Mercenary's Howard Tayler

Aliens, sequential storytelling, and humility.

Continuing Adventure in the Frontier

The Starfrontiersman Interview

A tour through role-playing history... and future.


Here We Go Again

Signals 29

It's not a sign of the end of times; it's the normal cycle of life.

Darkest Hearts

Dead Air 5

What do Halloween and Valentine's Day have in common?

The End of This Column As We Know It

Gamenivore 3

If you play only one Polish post-apocalyptic boardgame this year...


How the Future Predicts Science Fiction

The particular ways in which science fiction writers are not futurists.

The History of Matter Transmission

Transmission through time.

Satoshi Kon Explores the Insanity of Japan

Facing up to the undigested past.

Secular Winds

Disrupted Natural Revelation & the Journey toward God In Cormac McCarthy's The Road

Is The Road more about spirituality than science fiction?

No Bark and No Bite

What Science Fiction Leaves Out of the Future #4

The ages-old cat vs. dog dilemma is very much alive in science fiction.


Haunting Anniversary: A Half-Century of Hill House

Mysteries of the urtext revealed!


Short Fiction, February 2010

A final look at the month's short fiction.

Dark Halls and Dungeons of the Mind

Review of John Langan's House of Windows

Exquisitely skillful and literate blend of Lovecraft and Saul Bellow

Fall Harvest

Some Random Selections from the 2009 SF/F Crop

Did you miss these titles, or did you dodge them?