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Publisher: Bluejack

October, 2005 : Editorial:

Quick - Hide that Lampshade!

or rather, some apologies for the lateness of the issue

You may have noticed that we failed to deploy on our usual First-Monday-of-the-Month schedule this issue.

It is easy to explain. Early October brings my birthday, and in the midst of wondering where the time goes, the time to publish IROSF snuck right past me. The rumors of epic carousing and days of debauchery are completely unfounded.

It's easy to explain. In the throes of a deep depression, I went into winter hibernation. By the time I was able to be roused, our deadline had sadly elapsed.

It's easy to explain. One of the pieces slated for publication turned out to be a trifle too accurate for the subjects to allow. The extra time passed while I was whisked away to an isolated location for a friendly chat encouraging me to pull the item.

It's easy to explain. Our cat Kashka passed away, and unbeknownst to us had been some royalty among felines. The subsequent affairs of state and the number of cats present for the official funeral made getting the issue out on time quite impossible.

It's easy to explain. Ninja Space Pirates swooped into the IROSF offices and made off with the computers on which the issue was being prepared. I had foolishly failed to purchase a new strip of Pirate Repellant before the old strip was exhausted. It was our luck the crack team of Pastafarians who had radio-collared this group of NSP to study the migration patterns of the declining population were able to tranquilize the group and successfully retrieve our equipment.

So, that's what happened. Please do pardon us for the fault.

On the brighter side, I'd like to welcome our newest volunteers aboard, and thank them for signing on. The volume of response to our request was enormous and gratifying; if we failed to contact you in return and you are still interested, don't be dismayed. We have some ideas in the works, and further opportunities to help are certain to present themselves. Truly, though, my heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who answered our call.

Copyright © 2005, Joy Ralph. All Rights Reserved.

About Joy Ralph

"Science Fiction fan" was the first group label I ever consciously associated with myself growing up, probably because I've always been drawn to the potential in things. Other hats I wear include anthropologist, computer geek, ailurophile, coffee fiend, and walking dictionary.


Oct 10, 20:39 by IROSF

As always, we value your feedback on the issue.

Joy's editorial is here.

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