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Publisher: Bluejack

November, 2005 : Editorial:

A Curve in the Road

Welcome to November's issue of The Internet Review of Science Fiction. This is the second month in a row we're a little late, and while this is probably no great inconvenience to most readers, and certainly not unheard of in the world of independent publishing, it might just give one or two potential writers out there pause.

You might just be asking yourself, are these people for real? Are they stable? Are they serious? Are they professional? Maybe I should find some other market for my insightful, challenging essay.

Well, we've had our ups and downs over the past couple of months, but let me answer these questions: Yes, No, Yes, Usually, and No, you shouldn't. You should send it to us, first.

In fact, IROSF is closing in on its second birthday. We are receiving more high quality submissions than we ever have before. We have thousands of readers each month, including many prominent authors, editors, and agents in the field. It's a pretty exciting time to be part of the magazine.

On the downside, we're not as organized as we need to be if we're going to make the transition to the next level of professionalism, some of our technology is rather unfinished, a lot of the features I, personally, have wanted to develop remain in the wishful thinking stage, and we don't have any income.

On an even more significant, but hopefully temporary downside, several of our senior editors have found Real Life (in some of its more unhappy and problematic forms) coming between them and the magazine. This happens in any organization, but it's even more likely in a small, all-volunteer group.

So, all things considered, I am of the opinion that The Internet Review of Science Fiction is at a crossroads in its life. I don't know quite which road we are going to head down from here, and I don't know what kind of a vehicle we'll be in, and I couldn't say for sure where any of the roads ends up.

But the road so far has been pretty interesting, and I have every reason to believe that around this current curve of asphalt it gets more interesting still. One thing I can say without reservation: I'm looking forward to discovering what the future may bring.

Isn't that what Science Fiction is all about?

Copyright © 2005, Bluejack. All Rights Reserved.

About Bluejack

Bluejack resides in Seattle. In addition to publishing the Internet Review of Science Fiction, he herds cats for an Internet startup, designs and develops distributed software applications, and dabbles in a broad range of less useful endeavors.


Nov 9, 22:40 by IROSF
General thoughts on this month's issue welcome!

The editorial is here.
Nov 9, 23:14 by Holly Benton
There's a typo/spelling error in the very first paragraph of your editorial, which you might want to fix quickly, since it's an essay touching on the professionalism of IROSF. *g*

"...and certainly not unheard of in the world of independant publishing..."
Nov 9, 23:18 by Bluejack
Thanks! Anyone else? Bring it on!
Nov 10, 07:48 by Sarah Prineas
Don't turn left at the crossroads. Keep going! I look forward to the reviews and commentary every month.
Nov 10, 19:36 by Walt Gottesman
There are several meanings that I associate with the word "professionalism," the most apt for IROSF being expertise. You are most definitely professionals, day or two late, no pay notwithstanding. There are too many magazines and newsletters, both on and off-line, that are published in a timely, perfectly proof-read way yet have little meaning in their content, no thoughtful entertainment. They lack what IROSF has. Thank you for putting out such an interesting, insightful, uniquely enjoyable read. Whatever you decide to do you can be proud of what you have accomplished so far. I once got a portentous fortune cookie that read: "You are at the crossroads. Great hopes will be realized." May it be true for IROSF too.
Nov 11, 08:08 by Sarah Edwards
I just want to chime in and say that I thoroughly enjoy coming and reading IROSF every month, and when I'm looking for thoughtful content on science fiction, this is one of the first places I think of. I hope Real Life allows the dedicated staff of IROSF to continue publishing every month.
Nov 14, 18:56 by Janine Stinson
In the description line for "Remembering Andre Norton" on the contents page, the word "eulogy" is misspelled. :)
Nov 15, 11:33 by Matt Leavitt
Fixed it, thanks! :)


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